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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

The housewife and the shopkeeper

Saule worked seven days a week twelve hours a day. She worked hard to support her family back home. Whats your dream Saule If you werent working in this job what would you rather be doing

Serving as a single

It is quite a different challenge to move continents and serve across cultures as a single than as a family but it also presents different opportunities.

A lifetimes service

Hundreds of babies grew into womanhood watched over proudly by a woman who would never be a mother herself.


We find connection as women. Over cups of tea or a meal we can converse for hours. Sharing about our lives our joys and our disappointments.

Seeing the invisible

First impressions can be deceiving. As I started to get to know the women here I began to understand that they are only invisible if we do not take the time to see them.

Incarnational mission

Recognising the otherwomen who are hidden unrecognised and marginalised in their communitiesis at the heart of women in mission.

Trusting God when it matters most

Following God where he leads is not primarily about courage. Its about a recognition that ultimately it is better richer greater to walk with him than to walk away from him.

Home at last

There are many beautiful stories of change in this place where lives are being impacted and empowered to be a blessing to others. Those who have had so little physically have hearts overflowing with gratitude and giving.

God is moving

I didnt want to be alone anymore. I was so lonely I was ready to befriend anything that moved.

Nurture and hospitality

How on earth could we come alongside people with stories like these and stand with them in appropriate ways Even though we knew something about being foreigners and strangers we were beginners in working with displaced people.

Mountains to beaches

Thats how I come to live near this beach. My brother and I are sort of like Australian teens already even though the Tibetan community here holds activities to help us remember what it means to be Tibetan.

When Mum and Dad migrate without you

In Thailand one in five children dont live with their parents due to internal migration. Parents work long hours and live in basic conditions while their children remain in the care of relatives or orphanages. In partnership Interserve Partners are proactively working to keep families together through wholistic support.

What is home

Home is a place.Home is people.Home is sacred.

Reaching the scattered

Christian mission fields are thus being redefined in the process. Thanks to people movements across the globe many unreached peoples from overseas are now part of the diasporas right at our very doorsteps. Missions has become from everywhere to everywhere

In a temporary place

Speaking and sharing with some of these asylum seekers we realised the there were common questions we all shared about our lives. We were all in a temporary place wondering about our and our childrens futures.