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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

When Mum and Dad migrate without you

In Thailand one in five children dont live with their parents due to internal migration. Parents work long hours and live in basic conditions while their children remain in the care of relatives or orphanages. In partnership Interserve Partners are proactively working to keep families together through wholistic support.

What is home

Home is a place.Home is people.Home is sacred.

Reaching the scattered

Christian mission fields are thus being redefined in the process. Thanks to people movements across the globe many unreached peoples from overseas are now part of the diasporas right at our very doorsteps. Missions has become from everywhere to everywhere

In a temporary place

Speaking and sharing with some of these asylum seekers we realised the there were common questions we all shared about our lives. We were all in a temporary place wondering about our and our childrens futures.

The God at the end of the line

We try to treat refugees not as numbers in a system but as people loved by God and travelling a long and difficult road. We create spaces for them to step out of the lines to drink tea to learn new skills to talk. Some share their stories more deeply with whispered prayers in Jesus name.

When Women Speak…

Interserve worker Cathy explains why the voices of women are incredibly important in understanding Islam today and introduces abrand new forum for discussion.

Why faith and action

Without faith it is impossible to please the Lord (Hebrews 11:6). It is tempting to quote this verse alone. But the passage it comes from lists what the great characters of the Bible did with their faith. Faith and action werent just passing acquaintances but their lifelong companions.

The best place to be

Working alongside with the national church is not to show and tell what it means to follow Jesus but to learn discern and participate in what God has already been doing amongst the local people. It is not just to say Here I am use me but to say Thank you God for using these people to teach me about humility trust and perseverance thank you for giving me the privilege to witness the mission movement amongst them in a time such as this.

People of peace

For more than 30 years God has given me a consuming passion for discipling people from a Muslim background. In this process I havealways looked for key people with great spiritual potential. In reflecting on the time I shared with these people I have learned a lot about how to minister more effectively with them.

The gentle healer

We met Joshua 10 years ago when we first came to East Asia as Interserve Partners. He was a humble gentle medical doctor and qualified counselor who worked in our counselling company where we initially gave training and supervision.

Four denominations one church

I have been privileged to serve the national church in the Middle East and to see God at work. Under the local leadership of the Anglican Methodist Orthodox and Presbyterian churches I helped pastors and directors of church-run non-government organisations (NGOs) inparticular through administration for community development projects.

The Bible changes the church

The Bible changes the church and God uses the church to transform the world.

Bijoy Koshy visits Australia

The global missions paradigm is changing

Taking a back seat

Putting aside our strong desire for personal connection and involvement frees us to step back from front-line tasks confident that local believers are quietly going about Kingdom business even through we dont – and shouldnt – know what is going on.

More than the sum of our parts

This year I celebrated the tenth anniversary of the rather dubious distinction of being blacklisted (refused entry as a risk to nationalsecurity) by the country where my family and I had served as part of the Interserve fellowship for nearly a decade.