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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

Death with the Flies

The painful reality of life and death at a hospital in India.

A Summer to Remember

Members of an Interserve Summer Team look back on their time in the Middle East.

The Next Man

Interserve workers in Bangladesh recount an unsettling experience at their hospital.

The Alter Call

An Interserve worker tries to reach out to people of other faiths.

Sowing Seed

An Interserve workers reflections on how some people sow seed and other reap the harvest.

The Middle of a Story

An On Track worker writes about trying to change lives at a hospital in Bangladesh.

Integral Mission

The importance of integral mission – reaching the whole person – as exemplified by an Interserve worker in Nepal.

Not to be Sneezed At

An Interserve worker writes on the importance of snuff boxes in Mongolia.

Supporting Families

Joyce Huggett writes about how to support mission families while on service.

UMN 50th Anniversary

An Interserve worker marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of United Mission to Nepal.

Keeping in Touch

Joyce Huggett writes about the importance of keeping in touch with mission workers.

Red Powder and Rice

The situation facing Christians in Nepal.

Working Together

The story of two women at a hospital in Bangladesh.

Dorzjbats Story

Reflections from an Interserve worker in Mongolia.

Ready for Take-Off

Joyce Huggett writes about how mission workers can prepare for cross-cultural service.