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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

The work of walking humbly

Not being able to speak has provided me with an opportunity to observe to slow down to listen and to pray.

Listening with respect

They entered sad and left smiling. To be listened to with respect and cared for was a new experience for them.

A different way of doing medicine

I didnt want to restrict myself to being a doctor I wanted to be a doctor sharing Christ and to teach from the Word of God. This was a good fit for the way God made me.

God went ahead of us

We were absolutely delighted with the amazing warm hearted and friendly responses from asylum seekers.

Learning from women

Research and writing has now become a core part of my cross-cultural work.

QA with a Doctor

I never had a noble intention to do medicine. I did well at school and it was a practical profession.

Watching Gods grace work

I wondered how this farm girl ended up at a prestigious Bible college and what would happen after she finished.

The gift of a voice

The speech therapy clinic helps to raise awareness and builds advocacy platforms with influential Cambodians whose families have benefited from therapy.

Social work and software

Administrative things dont sound particularly exciting but they have knock-on effects for the quality of social work generally.

How bout them kids

TCKs need to have someone willing to listen to them and to speak for them.

Tribute to John Howard Barclay AM

Howard Barclay missionary leader encourager pray-er and family man faithfully and graciously served with his wife Betty the people of India and Nepal during a lifetime commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.