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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

A land flowing with honey

What were we going to do with all this honey It was far more than I could share with family and friends.

Thinking about good stewardship

Is this good stewardship of the natural resources we have been given I find myself wanting to support these businesses even though I am not a die-in-the-ditch organic consumer. The social environmental and health outcomes offer an excellent wholistic context in which to minister to the owners employees other farmers and customers.

Small beginnings

We got to know new and old friends through conversations about the garden.

Conversations about food and faith

I remember it clearly. My simple stir-fry had opened up a genuine and open conversation with a stranger about my faith in a God who loves and cares for the amazing world He has created. How did that happen

Green in the home and workplace

Ive always been interested in how a Christian care for the environment can be expressed in the workplace. Several years ago three strands providentially came together to set me in a new direction.

A legacy of care

Rosalie discipled many people over her lifetime as they encountered Jesus. Hers was a witness that incorporated care for the marginalised care for animals and sharing Gods word.

For God so loved the cosmos

Should care for the environment be part of mission

Discovering Central Asia

Our team visited a beautiful mountainous country now emerging from its time under Soviet rule. We offered professional development at an international school and visited NGOs served by mission families at the school.

Tell people about our suffering

The inspiring story of Patricia from Brazil refugee worker in Amsterdam and founder of Road of Hope. I think Ive had diseases I dont even know the name of.

Village to the city and back again

One factor for why girls in villages do not go to school is because there arent any female teachers. We hoped to change this.

A barista walked into a cafe

Just as God had begun watering the seed of love for Muslims He also had planted a love of coffee

Serving God without leaving home

I am no hero of the faith but I trust God used me as a stay-at-home mum.

A ministry of encouragement

A preaching club is helping Gulya and her church to grow.

The work of walking humbly

Not being able to speak has provided me with an opportunity to observe to slow down to listen and to pray.

Listening with respect

They entered sad and left smiling. To be listened to with respect and cared for was a new experience for them.