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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

On Track Together

“So how do we engage with Jesus’ call for every generation: to love our neighbours, to make disciples and to be kingdom minded? Our world looks different and yet Jesus’ call remains the same.”

Imitating God’s kindness

“Khruu sought to imitate God’s abounding grace and kindness to Nong by purchasing a new uniform for him to wear to school.”

Realising you are the problem

“Culturally, it was incredibly challenging for Sokly to ask me to release her into her role.”

God has a mission for people with a disability

“Disability removes an unhealthy power dynamic in the field.”

Patience and professionalism

How did we get to this point? By growing relationships, building credibility, being consistent in our work and generous with our time.

Contextualisation or syncretism?

“It was their church that was at the brink of being birthed, and they must come up with their own contextualised way of conducting baptisms.”

Two sons… and a girl

Language is powerful, and the use of a small word captures the situation of so many ‘girls’ in rural South Asia.

An ongoing creation

I yearn for a fruitful life, where I know my purpose and can see God working through me in tangible ways. The problem is that my life doesn’t exactly look like that at the moment. Right now I don’t ‘do’ very much at all.

The spirit in the room

We learned about ‘Anji’, believed to be the resident evil spirit. This led to a most unusual management/ministry issue that I was not prepared for…

Speak up for us

Each week I visit refugees who are being detained in the Immigration Detention Centre. Having left their country in fear of their lives, they now live in a country which does not recognise them or give them any legal rights. My fears pale in comparison.

Excerpts of a journey

Teacher: You encouraged me. No-one has ever encouraged me before.

On the far side of the sea

Heading to the Middle East with four kids under seven, including a baby on my hip and a toddler at my knee, there was not a lot of fighting I could do. I did, however, need to do a lot of trusting.

Finding love without strings

Nour is one of the new faces at our art group today. “I love drawing”, she says, “but I never get time to do it at home”. And she begins to share about the life she left behind.

A refugee comes to stay

“What followed changed my life … I had a vivid vision of Jesus carrying the cross.”

As for me and my house

“Why would you be surprised that your children are willing to serve in hard places?”