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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

Tibetan Buddhists

How one Interserve worker is using the Psalms to teach English to Buddhist monks.

Dried Cheese

How one Interserve worker in Mongolia is learning cultural lessons through cheese…

Hospitality and Heartache

An On Tracker tells of his first impressions of life in the Middle East.

Marefats Story

The heartbreaking tale of one small childs brief journey through life.

Nurturing Young Minds

An On Tracker writes about his time teaching at a school in the Middle East.

The God Who Cares

The amazing story of how an Interserve worker saved a small childs life when everyone else had given up.

Some Sat in Darkness

The story of one Interserve workers efforts to help the homeless of Central Asia.

Conservation for all Creation

How Interserve workers are striving to preserve the beauty of the Earth through conservation projects in the Middle East.

Coming Home

Rachel an On Tracker gives her thoughts on returning home after her time in Pakistan.

For the Sake of a Few Pounds

The heartbreaking story of a day in the life of an Interserve worker in a Nepali government hospital.

Isolated Believers

The situation of the local church in one of the most challenging countries in West Asia.

Turning Dreams into Reality

An Interserve worker writes about her dreams for the future of Pakistan.

A Strange New Landscape

An On Tracker writes about her experiences of life in West Asia.

A Mongolian Funeral

An Interserve worker attends a Mongolian funeral in Ulaanbaatar.

Returning Home

Interserve worker Joyce Huggett writes about how returning home affects mission workers.