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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

Clearing stones

The Clarks live in a poor undeveloped Muslim country where their everyday lives are a powerful witness to Christ.

A passion for the neglected

Sarah is serving in the Middle East as an early childhood teacher working alongside

Who is this man Jesus

This question is starting to reverberate around Muslim communities as they witness the power of the Gospel in action.

A Random Encounter

Interserve USA worker Jim on how a random encounter got him thinking.

Eternal Anonymity

How Interserve workers are serving the homeless in

Buphals Story

The story of one small Nepali boy and his simple faith.

The Power of Water

How Interserve is working to create clean hydro-electric power in Nepal.

Arabian Miracles

Amazing stories of miraculous healings in the Arabian peninsula.

Life and Death

An On Tracker writes about the brutal reality of childbirth in Pakistan.

Tibetan Buddhists

How one Interserve worker is using the Psalms to teach English to Buddhist monks.

Dried Cheese

How one Interserve worker in Mongolia is learning cultural lessons through cheese…

Hospitality and Heartache

An On Tracker tells of his first impressions of life in the Middle East.

Marefats Story

The heartbreaking tale of one small childs brief journey through life.