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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

A Different Way of Doing Medicine

Caring for the mind body and spirit – a medical doctors journey into understanding holistic healing.

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Why Go

David is an Interserve worker of a friend of Tom Little one of those killed in Afganistan.

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Security Risk

Paul Bendor Samuel the interserve director looks at the changing face of suffering in mission.

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Where Christ is not known

Jim an Interserve Partner who was recently forced leave the country in which he has served for number of yearsbelieve that the joy of serving God out weights any sacrifices has had to make.

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Snow and starvation

An Interserve Partner working in Mongolia writes about the terrible winter drought or dzud which has wrought havoc in the lives of millions of Mongolians.

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Mission in a groaning creation

Christian environmentalist Margot Hodson gives a theological explanation for how Christians should care for the world around them.

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Aibeks Testimony

The testimony of the man who aimed for the influence of Christian television to reach even the most remote villages.

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A New Hope Through Television

With the help from God and Interserve Aibek started the first Christian TV Studio in his language which has had a huge impact on the country bringing life and hope to those who live in the hard places.

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When The Walls Came Down

The story of the foundation and growth of the church in one of the most repressive countries in Central Asia written by one of that countrys first Christians.

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A Body of Many Parts

International speaker and author Martin Goldsmith writes about how the different parts of the world church can work together as a body of many different parts.

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Steppe of Faith

The situation facing the church in Mongolia – its history its strengths and its weaknesses and how Western Christians can help. Written by a Mongolian church leader.

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Family and change

Beulah Wood addresses the needs and problems of the South Asian family in her latest book Families in the Plan of God.

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VIA Design

VIA Design helps build sustainable enterprise in marginalised Indian communities where few other opportunities exist.

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Driving by braille

A Kiwi family in India discovers the most important road rule: you can do anything as long as you do it slowly enough.

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From the Director

EDITORIAL Interserve NZs National Director shares about the profound impact that India had on his life.

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