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Stories about how God is working among the neediest people in Asia and the Arab World

Gods love overcomes fear

Our business brings together people from marginalised backgrounds and provides a safe space for training and discipleship.

The Great Physician

It is my desire that healthcare workers may come to know Jesus the Great Physician.

A taxi driver with a searching heart

What if God had appointed this taxi driver to hear the good news today

Ambassadors of love

I first met Ankur when his marriage was struggling. My main aim was to help him to get to know Jesus and serve him physically as needed. Little did I know how much the Lord was stretching me in my love.

Archaeology is my love language

Doing my job as an archaeologist is a way to love Central Asians.

Full hearts

Its amazing how a small act that seems insignificant in our eyes can spark something huge in Gods Kingdom.

Under the Fig Tree

Rochelle wrote this poem during her short-term placement with refugees in West Asia.

One person among millions

The man of the house looked at us with surprise but invited us in offering dried-out day-old rice: all he had.

Getting out the gate

We made a point of going outside the gate: going to the market stopping for cups of tea home visits at times of sickness and loss attending celebrations and invitations for meals.

Loving my neighbour

If this lady spends all day at home then we should be friends

You came back

You came back from your safe country to this scary situation

Keeping watch

I like the idea that God is alert not disinterested or neutral. He is taking a good long look at evil.

We are Kingdom Gardeners

People live in physical social and spiritual contexts which shape their whole approach to life.

The solution is coffee

Coffee could be a source of sustainable income for these highland people and help them take care of the beautiful environment that God has created in this part of the world.

The problem of snakebite

After extensive research we now understand much more about humansnake conflict. Most importantly we have learnt that snakebite requires a wholistic response.