Stories about how God is at work among the peoples of Asia and the Arab World

Worth the Risk

Last year I had the privilege of praying with brother Yousef*. His sister had been murdered for being a believer by her own husband, and I suspected that Yousef was also a secret believer. He couldn’t say. But he did say to me, “One day, what we whisper in the hidden rooms will be shouted…

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The Solution is Coffee

We drive two hours outside a busy tourist town in South East Asia, climbing consistently, and finally stop in a village. Led by one of the village elders, we walk further up the mountain into the dense forest. He pauses and proudly points out his coffee seedlings growing in the shade of the trees. He…

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Parenting Play Therapy

We recently had the wonderful experience of spending two weeks in Asia, working alongside two Partners who direct a community centre serving refugees. Not every placement wants a family of six to come and ‘help’, and we knew it was a chance for our kids and our family to see a new side of the…

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Tears and the Bible

I am going to visit Marcus and Rachel, two friends of mine from the Middle East who have lived as refugees for the last few years along with their five children.  We also meet Sarah there.  She is a young Middle Eastern woman of 20 years. My brother, visiting from our home country in Europe,…

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