Regional Profile

South Asia is the birthplace of Interserve and many major world faiths have deep roots here. Some of the oldest Christian communities worship in this region, alongside some of the youngest emerging Christian fellowships. It is home to areas of economic growth as well as to the world’s poorest societies.

Throughout our 200-year association with South Asia, Interserve teams have striven to embody God’s invitation to abundant life, through serving among those with little access to resources, particularly in the fields of medicine and education.


Service Profile

Interserve workers serving in South Asia include:

  • Church ministries, including theological training.
  • Educators for expatriate children, local schools and universities
  • Partnering with other organisations to increase effective student work
  • Teachers of English as a foreign language
  • Medical and dental educators and practitioners
  • Nursing educators and practitioners
  • Community development workers
  • Business educators
  • Youth workers


More information?

To learn more about service opportunities in this region, please contact one of our Offices.