Regional Profile

East Asia: the Far East from the view of Western Europe in the past 5 centuries – this is a land of great diversity in cultures, population density and religious perspectives. Religions include Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Taoism, Animism, and atheism. The church in many parts of East Asia has been blessed by God to grow and strengthen even though it has not been allowed a space in the public square.

Protection and control of cultural heritage are some of the strongest social dynamics here and create some of the biggest challenges for those seeking to make Jesus Christ known. Needy people in East Asia are not only the material poor, but because of the social control, many of the neediest are actually rich in resources – others are struggling economically and depend on very limited social resources or foreign aid.

In a few East Asian countries, Christianity is well established, thriving and reaching out to the rest of the world. In many others the church is small and lives tenuously in unsympathetic environments. Interserve works in several East Asian countries. It is a challenging part of the world in which to work with its many needs and numerous opportunities. There are plenty of places for flexible, servant-hearted, skilled Christians to live, serve and model Christ.


Service Profile

Interserve workers serving in East Asia include:

  • Missional market place business commerce.
  • Partnering with other organisations for social and student influence
  • English as a foreign language
  • Health related services, including nurses, doctors, dental practitioners and educators
  • Community development
  • Higher Education, General Education and development
  • Technology and media


More information?

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