Regional Profile

This region is generally identified by the predominance of the Arabic language – including northern African countries and the Middle East. The region is diverse and rich in history, including the early church. Modern-day churches and Christian communities in this part of the world continue to face great obstacles, yet bear a strong witness to the sustaining power of God as His plans have unfolded over the past two millennia.

We have been involved here for several decades through a variety of initiatives, occupations and service activities. We earnestly pursue those that are engaged in transformational ministries, serving God from a whole and integrated theology, often relating to local churches through encouragement and support. Interserve personnel are living lives that proclaim the goodness of God in roles such as health, social and community development, as well as a range of business-oriented roles in areas like finance, services and media.

Interserve communities express an inter-cultural blend of national and church backgrounds. Members from a variety of Asian and Latin American cultures serve together with others from Western background cultures to embrace their local host communities with love and dignity.


Service Profile

Interserve workers serving in Arab world include:

  • Teachers and education professionals
  • Health care for refugees
  • Missional business – including tentmaking and entrepreneurial business development
  • Environmental development
  • Media – quality television programming for Christians and creative language videos, print materials and radio programming for people wanting to know about the Lord Jesus
  • Partnering with other organisations to increase effective youth work
  • Theological Education by Extension
  • Church ministry


More information?

To learn more about service opportunities in this region, please contact one of our National Offices.