Business as mission

Have you ever wondered if God can reach people with His life saving invitation through your business experience and skills? Many of the places we serve are a great fit for developing local business skills and helping to cultivate a stronger economic base for communities and families. Through missionally minded businesses, many can experience what God desires for society, and where hard work builds character and dignity. Some of Interserve business practitioners are entrepreneurs, others work for companies as tent-makers, still others are marketplace ministers seeking to spread the salt and light of the gospel into the workplace.

We follow a wholistic theology of ministry. This means, we believe all aspects of creation and human experience can contribute to proclaiming God’s glory, worship and goodness. As a result, working in the commercial world of business – where products or services are sold for profit and sustain an economic base – can be just as missional as non-profit development work, or theological work in a seminary or church.

This is wholistic ministry at its heart. Would you like to discuss more about Business as Mission through Interserve? Contact a representative near you.