Ministry amongst women

“Our cultures, beliefs, identity and opportunities in life do not always easily intersect.
But we find connection as women.”
Kathryn, On Tracker

In 1881 Elizabeth Bielby, a nurse, Interserve Partner and founder of a small hospital for women in India, was granted an audience with Queen Victoria. She pleaded on behalf of the Maharani of Punna for more medically trained women. The Queen responded by allowing women to begin training as doctors in the UK and more hospitals for women to be opened in India. The liberation, restoration and empowering of women marginalised “overseas”, but also “at home”, had begun a new chapter. Interserve’s early history is representative of the pioneering work of women in mission.


In Asia and the Arab world...

Interserve is a global community of ordinary Christians taking action in faith. We serve among the most marginalised peoples of Asia and the Arab world, wherever possible alongside the local church.

Serve with us overseas using your skills and experience to meet needs and build local capacity. Placements range from 6 weeks to 20 years.

Amongst the diaspora...

Interserve works amongst the diaspora of the peoples of Asia and the Arab World in many different countries, please contact your nearest National Office to discuss local opportunities.

Serve with us in by teaching English, visiting detention centres, running a playgroup or simply befriending your neighbour. We can help your whole church learn how to get involved.

There are many urgent needs to serve among women.

We’d love to chat with you about serving.

  • Counselling refugees with art, music and crafts in West Asia
  • Occupational therapy for children with disabilities and their families, West Asia
  • Train teachers and impact their communities, Central Asia
  • Intermediate ESL teaching for future leaders, Central Asia
  • Midwives & obstetricians to serve women in the Arab world
  • Theological education to strengthen discipleship, Arab world
  • Working against trafficking of women and children in South East Asia
  • Family physician to give wholistic care, East Asia
  • Walk with migrants in my neighbourhood
  • Explore another possibility We’d love to chat with you!

“My official title in the country is ‘house wife’. I mingle with our neighbors in the communal courtyard and enjoy building relationships with our local shopkeepers. My hope and prayer is to carry the Light of Jesus even in my mundane routines of daily life.”

Davina, Partner

Read their stories

What does mission look like when seen from women’s experience and perspective?

It looks like creating art with refugees, working against sex trafficking and buying groceries. It looks like stories and hospitality, conversations about purity, singleness and children, being present in grief and hope.

This edition of Go published by our Australian office gives us an opportunity to hear women’s perspectives on ministry in mission, and to celebrate the ways God is at work through women as women. Whether you are female or male, we pray you are encouraged and challenged to join in what God is doing among women in Asia and the Arab world.

“I pour more tea (our intercultural love language) and watch as the women depict their hearts in images and colours. The beauty and benefit of our shared art making is in the process of creating together.”

Erin, Partner

More stories

“As a single I engage with families in my team as a sister and aunty. I can be a listening ear, a conspirator in kids’ games and a guest at family meals with whom you don’t always need to be on your best behaviour!”

Julie, Partner


Support women in mission

Here’s an opportunity to make a donation and support the work of women in the latest Go magazine.

They’re involved in art counselling, theological education, walking with migrants, working against sex trafficking and more.

“Most of my cross-cultural life has been in cultures where women, especially wives, are at times ‘invisible’. I found it important to reflect the worth women have in Jesus yet express it with cultural sensitivity.”

Sonia, Partner


... for more to serve

There is great need for more women and men to engage cross-culturally. Pray with us that God would work in people’s hearts, to respond to the world’s need and his call to serve.

... for wholeness

Recognising the other – women who are hidden, unrecognised and marginalised in their communities – is at the heart of women in mission. Going to places where people feel broken, empty, hurting, unseen and unrecognised, women incarnate Christ who seeks, finds, heals, redeems and celebrates.

... as women engage

Women are sisters, mothers, singles, aunts, wives, daughters, grandmothers, nieces and friends. Pray for mutual connection across culture and language.