Refugee workers

LocationWest Asia
ProfessionCommunity Development
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant
Job ID556
Date15 November 2017

Various groups (including church and para-church groups) are serving refugees. Many more projects and ministries could be possible if people to serve were available. The largest number of refugees are from Syria, but also from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. They need our help.

Just about every kind of work can be done, so the job can be tailor-made to the applicant. Refugees have every kind of need: physical, social, spiritual, psychological, relational, financial, etc., so wholistic ministry is needed. Some refugee service roles already exist, but most will be new ministries that need to be started. We are open to creative, pioneering initiators, as well as administrative, technical implementers, and anything in between. Everyone is welcome to come and show Christ’s love and compassion to these refugees.

The person must depend on God, and have a solid spiritual life. They need to be flexible, adapting to a dynamic work environment and changing refugee needs and profiles. We want to start new ministries to refugees, so if the person were an initiator or leader-type, that would be a plus. The person should be a team-worker, with.good people skills, and be willing to learn the language and culture of the refugees they serve (presently Arabic is the language needed). A variety of skills and experiences are needed. If God is putting refugee service on your heart, please get in touch with us. We have many opportunities!

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