E.S.L. Teacher

LocationCentral Asia
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months
Job ID365
Date27 March 2018

This organisation runs a literature and educational centre/café in the heart of a large city. It offers good books, films,
courses and various other activities to the local community. Its aim is to help people develop and grow through books. The organisation offers all levels of conversational and business English courses. The centre also has a lending library.

An English teacher is being sought to join the current teaching staff of several locals and expats. There are around 90 students at this centre, mostly adult students and young professionals, but there are also some school-aged classes. Most classes are run in the evenings, but there are some during the day including off-site in local businesses and organisations.

The ideal applicant should have ESL qualifications and some teaching experience.

To apply, Contact Us

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