Duration2+ years
Job ID1702
DateMarch 23, 2021

The organisation recognizes that exploitation is a multidimensional issue and so they employ a multifaceted approach to combat the problem of oppression: Prevention Intervention Restoration.

The organisation is looking for a lead investigator to work within a multidisciplinary team and in partnership with Law Enforcement agencies and other external partners to identify human trafficking and child exploitation assist with the prosecution of perpetrators and ensure victims are removed from harm. The focus is on building up a professional team for long-term sustainability in the area of anti-trafficking and exploitation of women and children.

The candidate will have a demonstrated interest in or knowledge of injustice or human trafficking issues and a passion for helping the vulnerable. They will have experience working within a relevant role such as law enforcement or investigative work. They will need strong interpersonal skills be capable of interacting with a wide variety of people while building rapport trust and credibility and be inventive flexible and adaptable to meet the challenges working in the area of human trafficking requires. They will need excellent computer literacy skills and be stable resilient and have the ability to cope with stress.