English teacher

Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1583
DateMarch 13, 2022

A Christian media company with radio Web YouTube and social media (Facebook Twitter Instagram etc.) outreach in this large unreached country. Currently impacting approximately 5 million people inviting them to an encounter with Jesus and growth in faith through integration into His church. Increasing its presence on the radio and on the Web establishing an online support community for skeptics seekers and new believers creating video media with Christian content creating music with local worship artists and translating select books articles and materials into the local language.

This short-term position is for an ESL teacher (or a native English speaker able to help ESL learners) to give office ESL help to organization staff and leaders during work hours. This ESL at the desk is wanted by the staff to improve their capacity and allow greater access to training partnering working with outside media organizations etc. ESL as ministry is needed here. The hours would be flexible depending on how many staff and how much work time they can give to ESL improvement.

A person with a heart for integrating their skills in teaching English and personal relationships with a calling to spread the Good News. A willingness to work cross-culturally with the Director and others on staff who are local citizens and believers. Creativity passion and flexibility are all good characteristics.