Teacher for homeschooling

LocationCentral Asia
ProfessionCommunity Development
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1492
DateApril 10, 2019

Several homeschooling families live and serve in this capital city. Although there are English international schools in our city they are out of reach financially for most M-workers. Homeschooling takes up a significant proportion of a partners time and limits how much they can engage in work outside the home.

We are looking for a teacher to provide help to home-schooled families. The children range from K to grade 8 (at time of posting). There could be 1:1 tutoring or teaching small homeschool co-op groups in 1 or more subjects (depending on need and applicant skill set). You may be able to help multiple families during the week or to work with 1 larger family. All curriculum materials are provided and no prior formal teaching experience is necessary.

A suitable applicant would have a vision to support partners and other M workers in our city through assisting with the homeschool education of their kids. They would understand the unique lives of MKs growing up as TCKs and have a desire to see them thrive while living on the field. They would see themselves as an English-speaking mentor and teacher who could significantly influence and encourage them in these formative years. A wide variety of applicants could be considered and specifics made to fit them.