Residential staff – Teachers

LocationSouth Asia
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1482
Date18 July 2018

The school offers education from primary level to IGCSE and A Level exams (Cambridge and Edexcel Boards, U.K.). A wide range of subject choices is offered and courses are adapted to suit the needs of those going on to tertiary education. As a boarding school the residential care provided is personal and endeavours to create a home away from home. The school provides remuneration at local rates, as well as full board and accommodation for resident staff. Staff at the school have a high degree of job satisfaction and a strong appreciation for the school’s aims and purpose.

Teaching positions for August 2018 include Junior School teachers and teachers of geography, music, history, chemistry, religious studies, outdoor education, and special needs, and Head of Science and Head of Modern Languages.

Applicants should be committed, practising Christians, fluent in English, suitably qualified with degree and relevant teaching experience, willing to serve on local salaries and willing to participate fully in the life of a busy boarding school (including extra-curricular activities and dorm parenting or support).

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