Interserve International Structure

Interserve has 14 National Offices, 6 formal Partnering Agencies, and 23 Country Teams. While our operations hub is in Southeast Asia, we have  a wider team located around the globe which include members of the International Leadership Team. Each National Office is registered in their respective country. Each Country Team is responsible to the International Leadership Team.

We refer to our missionaries as “Partners”. Partners join Interserve through the National Office in their home (passport) country, and then serve with us wherever they are needed. They are accountable to the Team Leader in the country in which they serve.

Interserve International Governance

The International Director, and the International Leadership Team are accountable to an International Council comprising of 10 elected members. The 14 Interserve National Offices and representatives of each Country Team all participate in the election of the International Council.

Dr. Bijoy Koshy

International Director of Interserve

Dr Koshy took up this role in May 2015. With a background as a General Medical Practitioner in the Indian Army for 13 years before joining Interserve India in 1994, he became National Director of the Interserve India office in 1996. In 2006 he joined the International Leadership Team as a Regional Director; first for the Americas and North Pacific, and later for South Asia.

Now, after 163 years, the work which started as a group of women working among the marginalised women of India has an Indian Senior Executive.

Bijoy is married to Premila (Premi), who established the first homeschooling system in India to assist rural mission workers. Together, Bijoy and Premi have mentored dozens of young people and exercised an effective family and marriage counselling ministry. They have two grown children.

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